"I'm not sure I can go on like this."

"I can't cope with the pressure".

"What's wrong with me? Nobody likes me".

About You

Many of us struggle with our thoughts, our feelings, our behaviours, our life predicament at some time in our lives. Not knowing how to overcome our difficulties leaves us feeling alone, vulnerable, anxious, depressed, angry or overwhelmed with a combination of those feelings. Sometimes we are resilient enough to cope and having close friends or loved ones with whom we can share certainly helps us to be robust. Sometimes though it is with those very people that we cannot work through our feelings. This may be why you are visiting these pages and exploring the idea of counselling or psychotherapy to help.

You may already have an understanding of the possible causes of your distress and have a specific issue you know you wish to work through. You may be finding relationships with others difficult or be unclear as to who you are or what you want. You may have suffered a loss, bereavement or trauma. You may have a difficult life choice to make. You may be suffering with addiction or other forms of self-harm. Or you may simply feel lost or stuck and not know why. I believe counselling and psychotherapy can help you.