A gripping insight into relationship counselling

Date posted: 16 August 2018

A nosy peek into genuine relationship counselling sessions.

For a gripping insight into relationship counselling and a range of issues brought to counselling sessions, you couldn’t do much better than listen to Esther Perel’s Podcast “Where Should We Begin?”

Perel is a renowned and highly respected psychosexual and relationship therapist as well as author and speaker. Each episode consists of a recording of a genuine, unscripted (albeit edited) consultation that she conducted with a real couple in her practice.

Notice how she cuts straight through the content of her clients’ narrative and incisively focuses on process i.e. what is actually going on underneath the words of her clients and right there and then in the room. In so doing she helps her clients and the listener gain a deeper understanding of their relationship struggle(s) and how these might be resolved.

where should we begin

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