"I can't cope with the pressure".

"I never thought it would happen to me".

"I don’t know who I am anymore".


This section is about providing you with useful information on themes, issues and queries related to psychological and emotional well-being as well as provide signposts to further helpful resources. The aim too is to help demystify the therapeutic process and demonstrate the benefits therapy can offer.

If you have a specific query, would like to know more about any themes written about here, or have another topic you’d like to know more about then please email: info@humankindcounselling.co.uk and I will endeavor to help.

Online Counselling Support

During the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond I am now offering counselling support online via Zoom/Skype . It's been a difficult time for many of us to adjust to lockdown and its many consequences. Some... read more >

Date posted: 02 April 2020

A nosy peek into genuine relationship counselling sessions. For a gripping insight into relationship counselling and a range of issues brought to counselling sessions, you couldn’t do much... read more >

Date posted: 16 August 2018

Wheel of Awareness

I recommend this guided form of meditation by Dr Daniel Siegel. He is a highly renowned contemporary psychiatrist, prolific researcher, lecturer, speaker and writer who has significant influence on... read more >

Date posted: 30 July 2018

Is Counselling Right For Me?

For some people the decision to enter counselling is an easy one. For others it is more difficult. When clients first come to see me they often talk about the barriers that have prevented them from... read more >

Date posted: 30 November 2016

The term "Mindfulness" is everywhere? But what does it actually mean?

The term “Mindfulness” has become a buzzword of recent years and I believe it’s at risk of being mindlessly bandied about. There’s a plethora of self-help books and Apps... read more >

Date posted: 10 September 2016

Petition to get Mental Health Education on the National Curriculum.

We need to get MENTAL HEALTH ON THE NATIONAL CURRICULUM to give our young people a future where they are unafraid to speak out and ask for help. #‎itaffectsme is a campaign seeking to achieve... read more >

Date posted: 22 August 2016

Trauma Matters

The 22nd August will be the First Anniversary of the Shoreham Air Crash. A tragic event that killed 11 people and impacted many many more in the local community. The fantastic team at the As You Are... read more >

Date posted: 20 August 2016

Simplyfying the Minefield of Therapeutic Approaches

There are so many different types of therapy on offer it’s become a minefield! In fact, it is estimated that today there is an astounding 400 schools of therapy in existence. With so many to... read more >

Date posted: 16 August 2016

Healthy Anger. Unhealthy Anger. Telling the difference.

Anger especially in our society is often considered as a negative and destructive emotion that needs to be suppressed. Yet anger is actually a positive response when used constructively. It can be a... read more >

Date posted: 11 August 2016